Hon Khoai, Ca Mau – Island between natural pearls

Horns at sea, Hon Khoai as a guard outpost station of the airspace, sea and land strip west – south of the country. Hon Khoai, with the historical evidence, the exotic scenery of the ocean and the sky, mountains, forests and poetic beauty of the island that nature has generously endowed enchanting people.

Hon Khoai Island has an area of approximately 4 km2, located in the East – South Mui Ca Mau, the mainland (the nearest) 14.6 km, Tan An Commune, Ngoc Hien district. Peak 318 m high rock above the sea.

Hon Khoai also carries many different names such as Christmas Island Tien, Hon Independence. French colonial rule, the French also named Poulop. Particularly locals also called Hon Khoai because its shape looks like a giant potato. There are many documents related that long ago, many people from the mainland to this cultivation and fruit trees. To date, there are still occasional dust cassava, yams … Perhaps that is why it carries the name of Hon Khoai!

Around the island there are other small islands such as Hon Lon, Hon Small, Statue Hon, Hon Sao, Hon Doi Moi. Hon Khoai has two sandy beaches, including the Large Beach in the east – south and north Small Beach. Roads on the island there is a main road to the summit of the island from the Big Beach, about 3 km long has been paved since the French colonial occupation. The path around the island has many steep areas, with sprawling stones, piled up runs throughout the park.

On the island there are many streams. In it, there are 2 large fresh-water streams flowing throughout the year, the water supply for the island, the fishing boats around the area and residents Root canal zone, Tan An.

Hon famous potatoes with virgin forests, forest ecosystems of tropical islands. In particular, a very rich flora, with more than 1,400 species of trees and many have very high economic value. Fruit trees including mango, coconut … Timber trees including ironwood, Lagerstroemia, bureaucratic skill, otter oil, spoon, cinnamon concerned, shy yellow, forest town, filling forged, white brooch … medicinal plants with large leaves Reinforced complement dark, reinforced complement dark small leaves, wire more easily, dragons blood, grinding potatoes, whole household packaging, the cinnamon, sorrow where, unseen, behind natural metallic, millennium event …

Hon Khoai forests contribute to the protection, ecological balance. Under the forest canopy as a habitat, home to many species of wildlife such as wild boar, lizards, pythons, snakes … In the jungle, visitors can encounter the black squirrels in a tree or volleyball these monkeys are playing on travelers. On the island there are many casualties red flower, Lagerstroemia purple. In particular, the spring, yellow apricot flowers bloom on the forest on the island.

Hon Khoai coast with a clean, airtight, is an anchor, storm shelter facilities for fishing at sea and is the breeding ground, shelter for many marine species. From these species tiny plankton until the shrimp, fish with high economic value such as squid, lobsters, mantis shrimp, grouper, cobia … Hon Khoai Sea with wide sandy beaches. When ebb, calm sea, waves, visitors can still walk on the Big Beach, Little Beach to explore the life of the marine species and breathe the fresh air of the forest and the sea.

Remember when enjoying delicacies to Hon Khoai
After the time traveling through the forest ecology, while peaked island (318 meters high above the sea), visitors can stop by the lighthouse visited colonial building measures in 1920. Lighthouse with square blocks, each 4 meters long edge, 12.5 meters high, was built of stone and cement, power metering 35 km radius. Hon Khoai lighthouse is one of the earliest lighthouses presence in Vietnam waters. Despite nearly 100 years of existence but its architecture is still quite intact. This is one of the lighthouse in the system lighthouses Gio – Con Dao – Hon Khoai – Phu Quoc to lighting for ships on the East Coast travel.

At this lighthouse, dated 13.12.1940, teachers, soldiers Phan Ngoc Hien revolutionary military leadership revolt triumphed Hon Khoai, scored brilliant successes in the history of struggle against foreign invaders nation. Hon potato Uprising Day (12.13.1940) was chosen as the date of the revolutionary tradition Party, army and people of Ca Mau hero. Dated 27.04.1990, the Ministry of Culture Hon Khoai – Information recognized Historic – cultural and national level.

In the process of economic development – local society, Ca Mau province attaches great importance to the exploitation of the potentials and advantages that nature has bestowed. Focus conservation landscape with wild character inherent, potential exploitation of marine ecotourism, island. Hon Khoai became the harbor, storm sheltering areas for vehicles at sea fishing. Certainly in the near future will be closer to Hon Khoai travelers all over the country and become the “pearl island” on the west coast – South of the country.

(Source: camau.gov.vn)

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